Catt's radio career began in Pulaski, Tennesse in 1973 and has included stints in Phoenix, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Greensboro, Birmingham, and others.  He also programmed a chain of video music television stations, including "BET's Video Soul" and developed eight perspective channels for Sirius Satellite Radio.


During his 25+ year tenure on the Gulf Coast, he has been voted "Best Radio Personality" eight times, awarded over a dozen gold and platinum albums for introducing new artists such as Melissa Etheridge, Tracy Chapman, and Bruce Hornsby, and nominated for several national level radio programming awards.


Catt's passion for audio has been supplemented by endeavors in the visual arts as well.  Publishing through "Cattprints" his work has been seen on the cover of compact discs and books, on billboards and television, in magazines and many other printed media.   Sirten has been the head of photographic services for Mobile's largest music festival, Bayfest, for seventeen years.   His most recent photographic book,  "Mobile-Past, Present, and Future", a collaboration with the USA Archives and Beer & Associates, was published in late 2009.  


In 2010, Sirten completed work on a public televison documentary, "A Baldwin County Portrait".  The 30 minute program concerns Baldwin County's evolution from farming culture to an exburban society as Alabama largest and fastest growing county.


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